Trunkrs Lightspeed Shipping Plugin

ver. 1.0.0


Overview of the Plugin

Trunkrs Lightspeed Shipping Plugin allows a Lightspeed Webshop to use Trunkrs as one of the Shipping Courier Service Provider.

Using this plugin, webshop owners (client) will be able to display the Trunkrs Shipment Service in the Lightspeed Shipping Method options on the customer checkout page. Allowing users/customers to choose the Trunkrs Shipment as their shipping courier.


What is required?

A client can install and use the plugin using API credentials for authentication.

The API is protected by static header values in the form of:

  • A client Id provided by the header X-API-ClientID

  • A client secret provided by the header X-API-ClientSecret

The clientId and secret combination identifies a client as an authorized client and gives them access to their client-specific records.

To obtain a client Id and secret, please contact Trunkrs at

This Plugin will help Lightspeed webshop owners to improve their service and eventually increase their sales.

Working with the Trunkrs Shipment Plugin (How to)

To start using the Trunkrs Lightspeed Shipping Plugin, the client should send a request to obtain a registration code via

Note: Registration code request is limited to the maximum of 3 requests a day. It will expire on the same day it was requested.

The Registration code is required in order to validate the client’s registration. 

Once the client is done sending the registration code request, he will receive an email with the registration code and the link to the registration page.

1. First, send a Registration Code request;

Go to


2. Fill-up Registration form and provide the code using the registration code sent via email.

Important: After successful registration, a user will be automatically logged-in

3. Input Login credentials


4. Go to Dashboard → Trunkrs Shipping Method Configuration → Settings


5. STEP 1: Shipping Method Configuration


Trunkrs Shipping Method Configuration Page

Important: Please note that Prices uses (.) dot instead of (,) comma to indicate a decimal point

Testing API connection


On Success:


On Failure


6. STEP 2: Lightspeed API Configuration


Lightspeed API Configuration Page

Important: Credentials for API configuration page will be coming from Lightspeed. User (Lightspeed webshop owner) should request it from Lightspeed. This is necessary in order to connect the Trunkrs Lightspeed to Lightspeed Webshop.

7. STEP 3: Connect to Lightspeed Checkout (Display the Trunkrs Shipping Method with timeslot to Lightspeed checkout)